Command line parameters


Summary: Allowing changes to the color scheme via command line & possibly closing the program as well.
Detail: Im guessing it is possible to apply a theme via the command line to allow the lights to change colour to whatever the user wants, for example the user must know his colours he/she wants in RGB values, so that if the arguement was
"ColorWheel.exe 255,0,0 0,255,0 0,0,255" the Head would go RED the alienware logo would go Green and the keboard would go Blue (notice the gap between each set of three values) - the order follows the menu interface, so next would be the light pipe.
Another worth while feature would include "ColorWheel.exe disable" this might disable the themes (all black) and "ColorWheel.exe reapply" where it would reapply the last applied colours (in case the user decides to use the alienware FX) or to enable the themes again from the disable command.
Possible reasons: Scripting - allowing the user to set a certain colour layout while on the login screen, a seperate colour scheme while on the desktop and another when shutting down.
Could also be used with winamp (a customisable media player for music and videos) so that a certain song runs a script (and therefore the colours could change)
Future uses: Colour changing keyboard with the music visulasiations, or maybe a automatic film mode that understands that media player is open, so dim the lights automatically! - or even a alarm clock with lights!
It can all be done with scheduled tasks, once a command line options are added - the possibilites are greatly opened with this.
Bottom line:
I do not know how difficult this would be, as I am no programmer, but it would be great to see this feature added
Or if there was a way to apply a alienwar theme (ath) to the alienware fx controller via the command line, the only way i have managed so far is be changing the registry and restarting the program.