REGRESSION FOR 1489 : Keep monitoring wallpaper even after its not selected


**A regression found in 1489 BUG FIX
I think you are correct about the background switch:
Thanks for the quick response. Here is the low down:
1) I have "automatic colors" Unchecked.
2) I have desktop background set to change every 10 seconds
3) most of the desktop backgrounds are the same picture, but every 10 - 20 frames of being the same picture it switches to a new picture.
When the background actually changes to a new picture, the keyboard and lightpipe goes blank. ( so it doesn't actually go blank every 10 seconds)
If I set the background to actually change every 10 seconds with a framed anim, then the keyboard and lightpipe do go dark every 10 seconds.
Even if the background only changes a tiny amount (i.e. its an animation where only the center of the screen changes slightly), it still goes dark every 10 seconds
If I select and unselect the "Automatic Colors" it resets everything to black - If I then reset the colours I want, the keyboard and lightpipe still go off on next wallpaper change.
1)Hitting "apply" again in aurora lights fixes it until the next background change
2)selecting "Exit" from aurora lights tray icon after initially setting the colours also stops it from getting disabled.
Closed Jun 22, 2009 at 2:46 AM by findvikas
Its working in build 0.1.7


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Fixed by making internal logic changes to the way wallpaper is monitored

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