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Project Description
A light weight AlienFX editor. It can remember all the settings, reload automatically on the next reboot or login and will apply the settings again just like Command Center. Very light on resources and easy to use.

Install it via ClickOnce Online Installer and always have latest version running on your machine
Install it from here -

+ Quick load, choose basic colors from the color wheel
+ Double click on any zone to choose from advanced color mixer
+ Automatically load on start up
+ Registry monitoring for any change in the color setting (HKCU\Software\AuroraLightsFX\Colors)
+ Can also monitor registry for wallpaper change and set all LEDs to an average color from wallpaper
+ Remember every single setting so that you need not to remember anything
+ Minimize to SysTray for quick access
+ Random color option, choose all LEDs color randomly
+ Apply same color to all LEDs at one click


Main Application

Advanced Color Mixer

Registry Settings

System Tray Icon and Context menu

If you plan to load this application at load time, then use msconfig.exe and uncheck AlienFXController.exe from starting at boot time. You cannot predict which application will load first and if it was AlienFXController which was loaded first then AlienFXController will override the color settings of AuroraLightsFX and reset them.

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